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Telelink Online

The ING platform that enhances your Isabel experience with additional business services.

Day-to-day banking
  • Consult account balances
  • Open new accounts
  • Download documents
  • Manage mandates
  • Manage advances as part of a credit facility
  • Sign your business loan offers online
Save & Invest
  • Open and manage savings and term accounts
  • View and evaluate your securities portfolios

More info

Telelink Online is ONLY working with Internet Explorer, switch browsers if you work with Isabel 6 via another browser.

Dear customer,
During the weekend of 6 April 2019, the new way to download your electronic account statements will go online. From Friday 5th of April 7pm till Monday 9am, the day of the activation, you will not be able to download any account statements, even in the old interface. Discover all the benefits in a video on ing.be/statementsprofessionals.